Hi. I just got back from the beach and I met a couple who were listening to a song that just somehow got inside of me and I just can't find it anywhere. He showed me the name and I wrote it down but no luck. Please help!
I must have this song to enjoy
The name is Kalea or kelea??
I've looked through your song list but still no luck.
I do believe you are my new favorite.
Also I've watched a large handful of your videos.
Thank you so much for coming into my life as well as my soul.

Lotus responded on 07/06/2015

Hey Carol - send our thanks to the beach the couple! Kalea would most likely be it, which we have not had on any studio releases / albums but can be found on a few live show recordings.
Check this out: http://www.livedownloads.com/searchRes.a...

You'll be able to listen to a sample before you buy in order to verify the music matches what you recall.

Thank you for the love and support and for sending along your note / question!

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