What are the main factors that influence which way you take a song during a live show? I feel like if Mike R is having a good day he'll take for instance a different way with a song like jumpoff solo?

Lotus responded on 12/04/2011

From Mike R: If I'm having a really good show - the music just goes its own way, without any mental processes. So in that sense, it is not a "conscious" choice to go this way or that. However, in considering the moments where the mind is active, it often seems like I'd have 2 basic approaches when we hit a jam: One is to jump in more aggressively and introduce a melody or "theme" from the get go. The other option is to play nothing and wait and see what everyone else happens to play, and then respond accordingly. What occurs in the moment is contingent on many factors: the mood of the band, the vibe of the crowd, the sound in the room, the setlist, etc...

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