Chuck is the best, has he been with the group since the very beginning?

Lotus responded on 01/26/2012

Good question here!
Lotus originally began as a project at Goshen College involving 4 people: Mike Rempel, Steve Clemens, Luke Miller and Joel Jiminez. I played with another group named Raices that Joel played bass for. I got to know Mike very early on and we became good friends. We did a few events together through this time and when Jesse Miller moved to the school he joined the band on bass. Shortly thereafter I was asked to play some shows and we traveled around Indiana for a minute. I took an interest toward other types of music but officially joined for all commitments before the following school year in 2001. A year later we moved to Philadelphia to try our hand at becoming a national touring act. I can say although I didn't see the birth of Lotus I consider myself one of the founding 5 members. I've been with Lotus since we were quite a bit younger and trying to get some speakers to play at the local Salvation Army! Thanks for asking. -Chuck

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